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Caring for your crystal Jewellery

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

I always recommend regularly cleansing your jewellery. Crystals are a bit like clothes, they can absorb energies the way clothes can absorb odours. Ever stood by a bonfire one evening then picked up your clothes the next day?  Well this is the extent to which some crystals will absorb negativity and stress or electromagnetic smog so just like clothes it’s important to cleanse the crystals so they can keep radiating their loveliness and not the junk that they’ve absorbed to transform. It’s important to note here that many crystals transmute negative energies and energetic pollutants or deflect them away from your aura it’s just if they are not cleansed they can get tired. Cleansing can be a bit like pressing a reset button. So how do I cleanse by jewellery? There are many cleansing methods to choose from.  The one that is nearly always at hand is to simply rinse the jewellery under a tap intending that all impurities are washed away.  Often you can feel a subtle heaviness or dullness before cleansing which is replaced by a vibrancy once cleansing is complete. I have two favoured methods of cleansing which are sound and smoke.  I use a Tibetan singing bowl or bell and some use tingsha to cleanse crystals.  The sounds vibrations knock the impurities out of the crystals. By smoke I don’t mean those cheap strawberry flavour incense sticks that come from the hippy shop. Sage smudge sticks are great, have been used for hundreds of years and their purifying qualities have been scientically proven.  I also like to use charcoal disks with something like frankincense resin or a blend of solid incense from someone like starchild. Crystal cleansing is a whole science, these are just a few methods and I would encourage you to do some research and find the method that you most enjoy. Or contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss this more.

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