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The qualities of Amber

Amber has been used for teething for centuries and there's science behind the benefits of Amber. There is a nutrient that can be absorbed trans dermally from wearing Amber.

I am far more interested in the energy medicine Amber bestows upon us though so will share a bit about it. Perhaps most well known for its ability to absorb pain and alleviate stress, Amber has been referred to as solidified sunlight by some. It is made up of resin from trees that lived up to 44million years ago that has become fossilized. These ancient pine trees excreted resin to seal and protect their bark from attack or irritation, maintaining their outer defences. Perhaps this is why Amber is so well known for offering protection and a sense of warmth, comfort, and well-being. Rudolf Steiner suggested that babies and children are born incredibly open, they are whole sense organ, they feel everything deeply and have not yet developed their filters. Perhaps this is part of why Amber is so commonly used for babies, as it protects their senses whilst also helping with teething.

Amber can hold a static charge and it is likely that it is these electrical properties that stimulate the bioelectrical field to increase vitality and promote optimal functioning of the organs and body systems. Amber is adaptive and supportive. Being of tree origin it carries the wisdom of the ancient trees and has a gentle grounding effect which is stronger the darker the amber is in colour.

Amber soothes anxiety, releasing us from fear and alleviating depression. Amber encourages cheerfulness and trust, brings peacefulness, patience and disolves opposition. Supports us in building self belief, putting us in touch with our own essential strength and security. Amber promotes self expression, decision making and motivation to achieve life goals. Amber draws dis-ease from the body allowing us to feel more at-ease and stimulating the body to heal itself.

Images are of some of the Amber jewellery I have made. Most of these are commissions where I have intuitively chosen crystals to combine with the Amber to support the wearer. Most commonly these are for children growing their adult teeth but some are made for adults and anklets made for babies.

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