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Grounding is the absolute cornerstone of energy maintenance. If you put the work in you will have a valuable tool you can draw upon in so many situations each day of your life. Just 10 minutes a day for 21 days will develop a sense for grounding that will be strong enough that you will be able to then ground yourself just by thinking ground and drawing on the ‘energy memory’ of feeling and being grounded.

The benefits of being grounded include

  • Better energy levels as we can draw upon the earths energy to sustain us more

  • Less anxiety as when we are grounded any excess energy we generate is composted by the earth.

  • A sense of steadiness. Disappointments and challenges or setbacks don’t knock us quite so hard. Like a tree with firm roots can weather the strongest storms.

  • Less ‘highly strung’. When we are grounded we tend to be less emotional and more level headed.

  • Negativity and Electromagnetic Radiation are being continually cleared from our energy field and sent to ground.

  • Better decision making as we tune into our centre and connect with our higher self we are more in tune with what is true for us and out highest guidance.

There are passive ways of grounding yourself. These include:

  • Walking or standing barefoot on the earth

  • Placing a grounding crystal like hematite or black tourmaline between your feet

  • Running your wrists under a cold running tap

  • Eating. Particularly foods like chocolate and coffee

  • Spending time in nature

I can provide you with an audio recording of a grounding visualisation if you contact me or subscribe to my newsletter but here it is in written form.

Make sure you have the space to be comfortable and un-interrupted (if possible). Take your time to get really comfortable, preferably sitting. Notice all the sensations in your body, acknowledge them but don’t judge any of them as right or wrong just acknowledge them and thank them for being there.

Then take three slow and deep breaths and really notice how you feel in your body as you do this.

Take your attention to your feet, how do they feel, does one feel any different to the other?

Begin to imagine roots growing from your feet into the ground beneath you. They grow downwards, stronger and longer with each breath. Down through the floor below you, down through any lower floors and down through any foundations that the building stands on. They spread and finer roots shoot off from the main roots as they keep growing down, through the soil and earth below the building. Can you get a sense of how it feels to push your roots into that soil? How would it feel if you dug your fingers into it? Feel your roots keep growing and pushing deep into the earth through and round the rock below, through and round any underground streams of lakes, through and round the earth below you, down and down, deeper and deeper your roots grow stronger and longer with every breath. And you get deeper you may begin to sense the warmth and power of the earth more and more and you come nearer and eventually break through into the magma, the molten rock deep within the earth. Your roots welcome the abundance of energy as they grow deeper still and reach the very centre of the earth. A strong a steady ball of hematite iron which you can anchor yourself to by wrapping your main root that grows from the base of your spine tightly around that ball. You begin to notice that your roots are lighting up with the golden earth energies which are drunk and rise up through all of your roots back through the magma, through the rocks and streams, through the soil and earth and up through the foundations of the building to your feet. As it reaches your feet you feel it rising up through your legs and up through your body till it reaches your heart space and fills the space.

Now take your attention above your head where you will be aware of a star. This star is connected to all that is, to the cosmos and represents your higher self. Take a strand of starlight and draw it down. Through your head and neck to your heart space. As this heavenly energy of your higher self meets with the earth energies the energies begin to swirl and merge with each other. They expand and spread throughout your body. Really get a sense of how it feels as it fills your body. Once your physical body is fully saturated the energies seep through your skin to fill your Aura. They keep growing until the space all around you as far out as where your fingertips reach when your arms are outstretched, in front, behind, left and right, above and below you is filled with these beautiful energies. Feel the strength and resilience that this provides.

Being grounded provides protection but at this point we can add even more resilience by visualising a violet or golden light around the outer shell of our Aura. This is a light shield. All the love and abundance that surrounds you can shine through but anything less than light will simply bounce off and be deflected. Really get a good sense of this shield around you and how it flows like light beams gently radiating. Bring your attention back now to your body. To your centre line. Really get a sense of that line that runs down from your star through you deep into the earth, clear and direct right to the centre of the earth. Feel your feet below you and the light at your core. Know that you are now grounded, centred and protected.

Practice this grounding visualisation each morning for at least 21 days to form the habit and energy memory of being grounded and centred so you can draw upon this at will.

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