Crystal Healing

The best analogy I have heard for crystal healing is that the human energy field is like an orchestra, when one instrument goes out of tune others will follow and so on until it doesn't sound beautiful anymore. Crystals are like tuning forks, when they are brought into the energy field they re-tune or re-balance the parts of the energy body that have gone awry bringing the body back in to harmony.

I work intuitively with crystals,  I dowse for the healing techniques that I need to use and am totally lead by my higherself connection to your higherself telling me what support you need. The crystals are chosen intuitively, sometimes I get the image of the crystal come to me or I dowse for the best crystal to use for you. No two sessions are ever the same.
My training was very comprehensive and making crystal healing a regular habit can lead us to doing some very deep and transformational work.

Crystal Healing Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes with an investment of £55.


Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of hands on healing.
I came to Reiki over 13 years ago, when some close friends went to Glastonbury for their Reiki 1 attunements.  I followed their journey and healing as they went on to do their second and third degrees always a willing body to be practiced on.  When they qualified to teach I trained with them, a priceless gift that has shaped my life. 

I had a lot of Reiki treatments before training  which brought me so much healing but my Reiki One attunement really blew me away and I haven't stopped playing with energy since!  In March 2019 I did my Reiki teacher training again as I knew it was time to start teaching but wanted to ensure I was giving my very best to it.

Reiki can create some really big shifts towards better health and well-being.
A typical full reiki session will last an hour and a half and is charged at £55

Please contact me if you are interested in training.

Reiki Drum

Experience the healing power of the drum.

The drum has been used since ancient times to access the power of the subconscious where trauma can be healed, patterns changed and healthy new beliefs seeded. Using the beautiful Reiki energies and different symbols combined with the power of the drum creates something quite unique and special.

Reiki drum has endless possibilities for unlocking you potential for greater well-being. I use a number of techniques including drum journeys for  soul retrieval or insight into a specific issue, Drum healings where blockages in the energy field are cleared and balanced and using affirmation to transform limiting beliefs and drum new expansive beliefs into the subconscious to create lasting effects.

Reiki Drum can be experienced in 1 to 1 sessions or group Reiki Drum Journeys

A typical 1 to 1 Reiki drum session will last an hour and an exchange of £55 is welcomed.

Access Bars

Get Some Head Space

Access Bars is a revolutionary therapy that literally creates more head space. 

How does it get better than that?

 When I have my bars run I can think more clearly and freely. It's like my thoughts are untangled and there is now space between them. Do you remember de-fragging your computer?  Well this is like a de-fragmentation process for the brain, activated by gentles touch to points on the head. Having your bars run creates a sense of ease and joy in ones life. 

I came to Access Bars by chance after listening to an audiobook about ADHD and the space and change that this created for me was huge.  How would it feel to be free of others peoples judgements? One of the bars we run, the implant band, un-sticks the judgements you have recieved. It's so liberating and creates so much more possibility in your world.

What could having your bars run create for you?

A typical Access Bars treatment lasts an hour and a half and an exchange of £55 is welcomed.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory

Access Energetic Facelift

What if you could undo all unnecessary ageing?

How much ageing happens because we decided it would at x age? What if you stopped subscribing to this and chose another possibility? We've all seen folks defy their age and do incredible things with their bodies way beyond what we expect to be possible.

The beautifully nurturing facelift energies work to repair damage at cellular level, encouraging the body to repair any ageing and even repair scar tissue. Don't take this at face value, we all know healing runs deep and can touch us in many levels. It's not all about looking more vibrant it's also about being really willing to show your face, to really show up.  Such a vital part of the body to nurture and honour.

A typical session with last up to an hour and a half and an exchange of £55 is welcomed.