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About me

A multifaceted infinite being much like you

 So, if your here there must already be something that made you curious about me and what I do.

 I began training in energy therapies in 2005 when I embarked on my Reiki 1 training after my interest in complementary therapies was fully ignited by the diagnosis of a incurable disease.  My story is not dissimilar to the story of many healers.

 During an imperfect childhood I developed a hypersensitivity for picking up on the emotional states of others. This gifted me the capacity to read people quite clearly and sense how I could 'make things better' for them.  I always expected to be of service to others in my career so stepping onto the path to becoming a healer felt natural, if a bit like something from a fairy-tale.  After my first Reiki attunement I couldn't quite believe that I was sat there quite tangibly feeling healing energy flow from my hands and turning it on and off at will! Mind blown!

 I progressed through the Reiki levels to teacher level within 3 years but self belief held me back from teaching for many years to come. In 2006 I embarked on a Crystal Healing Diploma Course with Lauren D'Silva a reputable and revered teacher.  The course was a powerful healing journey as well as training programme that continued far longer than the 2 years I embarked on and I still attend CPD training regularly. 


 I became a mother in 2009 which slowed career progress down somewhat and kept me in the admin role I had for a local health food grower.  In 2014 whilst pregnant with babe number two I began my personalised crystal Jewellery venture and quietly built my reputation as 'the crystal lady' locally over the baby and toddler years.  In 2017 I got serious about going pro with the energy therapies I had and by June 2018 I was stepping out fully, taking my jewellery to Mind Body Spirit fairs and offering Crystal Healing and Reiki sessions at my home.

 In 2018 after enjoying an Access Consciousness book on ADHD called 'would you teach a fish to climb a tree?' by pure chance I met someone offering Access Bars at a fair. I totally didn't expect to meet anyone in the UK who was offering Access Bars and was so blown away by the effects of my taster session that I booked my training the following week.  That training seemed to catapult me forward, it was like everything I had learned already was more able to be integrated.


 Come September 2018 in a moment of curiosity I put the feelers out on Facebook to see how much interest there would be in a natural health show in Hereford.  I had planned to start with a small event but so many wanted to be involved that the event grew to be much larger than I could have dreamed!  A big boost to my self belief as it brought all my diverse work skills together. 


 Just a week later I was at my mums beside in hospital beginning a 3 month journey compassionately supporting her through final days which spurred me to want to open up spaces for people to express and talk about their grief and death more openly.

 February 2019 brought Access Bars and Access Facelift courses and more expansion into the ease that the Access Consciousness tools can bring to our lives. 

 I repeated my Reiki Master training with a new teacher in March 2019 a year on from my original teacher passing away.  It was so good to return to my roots and deepen my connection with Reiki and have a renewed sense of awe for this unique healing modality.  In Autumn 2019 I completed my 3rd Access Bars Training allowing me to then teach this expansive therapy to others. 

 Late 2019 brought some puzzle pieces together as the opportunity to learn Reiki Drum came.  I had rather curiously found myself drawn to making drums in 2018 but not really knowing how to use them or why I was doing it.   By late summer of 2019 I had built up my client-base enough to feel confident I could step out from my therapy space at home and begin practicing from The Integrative Health Clinic in Hereford.

In 2022 I embarked on my training in Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Over the following 18 months an alchemy occurred as my experience with energy therapies and shamanic practices merged with the hypnotherapy techniques to create a multidimensional therapeutic approach which creates lasting change and resolution of trauma.

In 2023 I completed a short course in Trauma informed coaching. This depended my understanding of trauma even further, affirming my approach and solidifying that working with the Mind, Body and Soul is a powerful approach to healing.

So after 20 years of dedicated self healing and transformative training in multiple disciplines I have come to a place where I know myself well and have the skills and knowledge to enable others to transform their trauma into strength, meet themselves with deep compassion and welcome all of themselves back home into their heart.

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Rachel Peacock's Crystal Jewellery Collage
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