Sterling silver angel pendant with natural Howlite and Lepidolite gemstone beads on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. You know those moments where you know you are safe and you  just relax a little more deeply than you feel like you have ever relaxed? Those moments where all is well and you are at peace with yourself and the world. They can be few and far between right? The crystals used for the Angel of Peace really encapsulate that feeling and lead us to experience more of those moments.  Perhaps pure coincidence, perhaps heaven sent, these two crystals both help us with symptoms that can lead to or are associated with addiction. Addiction is almost a bit of a taboo, an ugly word wevd rather not use but we are all affected by it in some way. Some of us are addicted to doing things that are healthy, some of us addicted to things that are not but addiction is part of human nature and we can all benefit with some gentle support to regain consciousness and control around our compulsive choices.  Howlite is super calming and fabulous at helping with sleep. It helps to calm a racing mind and soothes turbulent emotions. Howlite teaches helps to neutralise rage and explosive anger, improving self control. Howlite encourages independence and taking care of oneself. It gives clarity to ambitions and encourages us to take control of our lives. It reminds us that we always have choices, even when none of the options seem desirable, we have a choice and are responsible for the choices we make. Howlite aids us in taking conscious control of our actions. Lepidolite is a beautifully protective crystal that brings a sense of inner security, safety and protection from harm. Lepidolite helps to reduce stress and its lithium content helps to stabilise mood swings and ease depression. It helps us overcome emotional or mental dependency, releasing us from addictions. This is a fabulous stone for anyone who has trouble setting boundaries and keeping them firm. It supports us standing our own space, free from external influences. It helps with focus, reducing distraction and helping us concentrate on what's important. When faced with adversity it helps us to assess a situation from multiple perspectives and to ultimately trust our instincts on the matter.  It quietly encourages us to keep stepping towards living our full potential.  I make all of my Jewellery to order and charge the crystals with channelled healing and blessings before wrapping them in tissue paper ready to post. I keep my packaging simple and light to tread gently on the earth. A full description of the properties of the crystals and the angels purpose is included with an A6 greeting card with my angel poem. All of my Jewellery is made using carefully sourced natural gemstones and sterling silver with each piece being charged with channelled healing energies by me, Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.

12 The Angel of Peace - Howlite and Lepidolite Angel Pendant