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Simple and classy this necklace is short enough to sit on and accentuate the collarbones.


Light and delicate this sweet necklace is suitable for everyday or a special occasion.


Rose Quartz

A super powerful heart healer, Rose Quartz really does mend a broken heart and teaches us to love unconditionally. Rose Quartz's gentle energy helps us to let go of stress and offers deep emotional healing. Rose quartz is said to attract love and romance into our lives but this is perhaps because it has the capacity to teach us how to love ourselves and when we master self love, we attract so much more love from others. As our self compassion grows so can our confidence and self worth. Rose quartz reminds us of the abundance of love that is available to us whenever we choose to tune into it. Rose Quartz is calming and reassuring, perfect during times of trauma or crisis. It supports us in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache, soothing internalised pain. It supports us with accepting necessary change and comforts grief.


This beautiful necklace is fixed with a sterling silver clasp


Simply Rose Quartz


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