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Beautiful sterling silver small hoop earrings with a single crystal bead.

Crystals dowsed for a chosen especially for you to help you with what you most need help with.
Looking for something super special to support you or a loved one?
We all want something unque to us in our lives don't we and what could be better than some beautiful jewellery with a purpose?
How does it work?
You send me a photo of your self or the loved one you would like me to make for and I will tune into your/their energy and dowse for the crystals that will be of most benefit. 
I am always blown away by how well this works. When I read the crystal descriptions in the books after they match what my client said they wanted the crystals to help with or things we have discussed in the consultation perfectly.
You can email the photo to
When we are not in lock down you have the option to come to see me for a consultation and choose your beads with my guidance but whilst that's not possible to see you face to face or for those who are not local enough to travel here but want to be involved in the process we can do it over a video link.
If you need your jewellery by a specific date please contact me to make sure I can fulfil the order in time as I can get rather busy at times so lead time varies.

Angel wing sterling silver earrings with single crystal beads.


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