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Ways to Cleanse Crystals

I am often asked about how to cleanse crystals and crystal jewellery so I have written a little about it.  These are the methods that I have experience with.


Probably the most well known method of cleansing crystals is to hold them under running water intending that all impurities are washed away.  A running tap is the most easily accessible for everyday cleansing but natural sources of running water are not just cleansing but also energising.  Take your crystals to a waterfall or stream and they will be so very grateful that if you are sensitive enough you will be able to see them sparkle a little more! Of course you will need to put measures in place to ensure you don’t lose them in the flow of the water! A laundry bag can be used as the water can flow through the bag with out smaller pieces being washed down stream!

Crystals also love to go out in a good storm. This will both cleanse and energise.

Warning!! Some crystals are sensitive to water and should be kept in dry conditions e.g. Selenite, Halite, Opal. Do check first.


Many crystals are too delicate for salt!  Salt can be very harsh and is not suitable for crystals with a gentler energy.  I know of three different methods using salt for cleansing crystals. Always use natural salt, sea salt or a rock salt like the Himalayan pick salt.

Salt water:  Add a little salt to a glass bowl of water and bath your crystal/s in the water.

Salt burial:  A crystal can be buried in a glass bowl of dry salt.

Salt bed:  Take two glass bowls, one larger than the other. Cover the bottom of the larger bowl with approx 1cm of salt. Place some spring water into the smaller bowl and place this bowl on top of the salt inside the larger bowl. Place your crystals for cleansing in the water to bath.

The amount of time that you need to leave your crystals to cleanse will differ, you will need to use your intuition to judge when you are satisfied that the crystals are cleansed.


This is one of my preferred methods of cleansing crystals and has the added benefit of cleansing the room as well!  Incense has been used for cleansing crystals and spaces since ancient times.  I like to burn Frankincense resin on a charcoal disk. Any crystals that need a thorough cleanse I hold over the incense either individually or I place them in a basket and hold the basket over the smoke.  As the room fills with incense the space in the room will be cleansed and all that the smoke touches in the room.  Open a window when you have finished so the smoke can carry any impurities away.  Warning!! If you have a sensitive chest it’s probably best to use a different method.


Another favourite of mine! You can bath your crystals in the subtle vibrations of sound from a singing bowl, bell or pair of tingsha.  The sound vibrations gently resonate through the crystals dispersing and impurities.

Other crystals:

Providing the other crystals you are using have been cleansed you can use crystals to cleanse crystals.  Having a crystal cluster or bed to place your jewellery on is a great way to cleanse and re-charge your jewellery over night and keep it working at its optimum for you.

You can also use crystal points e.g. quartz points placed around a crystal to cleanse and energise.

Back to the Earth:

When all else fails and a crystal needs a complete re-set it is wise to bury the crystal back in the earth.  Wrap it in fabric to keep the soil from staining and getting into the cracks of the crystal and ensure that you mark the position if you want to retrieve the crystal at a later date.

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