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So please take a moment to be curious, to listen to your inner wisdom, is this work, this healing opportunity one that calls to you? One that speaks to your soul?

Do you know deep inside of you that life holds more for you and that you are more than you have access to right now?

Are you fed up with going round in the same old cycles and ready to demand something shifts for you now?

Would you like to know more about how I could help you to access your own healing capacity to create lasting change in your life?

Could working with me make it possible for you to have a brighter, happier future?

Is this the invitation for you have been waiting for to explore the possibilities for the greater health and wellbeing available to you?

Hey there beautiful you! Welcome to my little corner of the web!

This is a space where you can find out more about my offerings and get a feel for who I am and what I bring to the world.

I use Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki Drum, Crystal Jewellery and more to open doors to recovery of a deeper connection with your Self ultimately leading you to become a truer, fuller more authentic you!

All of you is welcome here. I hold a space free from judgement, full of compassion and kindness, a safe space for you to unravel all of the borrowed beliefs you may be carrying, free yourself from the judgement of others and find your Self, your true Self within.

Apointments available via zoom and South Herefordshire

Are you ready to delve deep within
to resolve your trauma?

I offer a trauma informed therapeutic space to dive gently and safely into the subconscious and your past experiences. Supporting you to find the healing and magic within you, to step forward into your future free of the shackles of the limiting beliefs that trauma once burdened you with.


I combine my training in Hypnotherapy, my experience with energy therapies and spiritual understanding to work not only with the mind but also the physical body, energy bodies and at soul level, allowing you to access your own capacity to  heal and move forward, beyond limitation.


Book a free discovery call today, drop me an email, call or text

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