A beautiful opportunity for connection with ourselves and others. Reiki Drum offers the nurturing and supportive energies of Reiki combined with the powerful transformation of shamanic drumming. 

The drum has been used in healing practices all over the world by our ancestors for many generations. The drum beat invites our bodies into deep relaxation and our brain waves to slow to a theta brain state. This unlocks a door to our unconscious and provides a deeper experience. Supported with the channelled Reiki energies and intuitively chosen crystals this creates tangibly transformative experiences and opportunities for healing. 

We begin with a simple starting point for the journey and then trust the inspiration or journey that unfolds for us as the drum plays. Often we may be shown memories or a symbolic story plays out for us. We may meet guides or power animals with messages or guidance for us. 

The healing from the session will integrate over the hours and days that follow and I am available to answer questions and offer guidance. 

The Reiki drum Journey lasts up to 40 minutes but we take our time before to share what is alive in us and hold space for eachother. I will introduce the crystals that support our journey and set the purpose of our journey based on a theme that has arisen from our sharing. After there is space to share your experience is you would like to  so we allow 2 hours for the whole experience. 

It is good to have some water and a snack handy for after the journey. A journal nearby for jotting down insights from the experience and blankets, comfortable clothing and a yoga mat or camping mat to lie on, whatever you need to ensure you will be comfortable and warm.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Your investment:

I've been there, on a low income, supporting a family and had it not been for the generosity of other healers/therapists I would not have had the help I needed to recover my health and well-being. I want opportunities like this to be accessible for everyone. 

Please feel welcome to get in touch for a discount code if you are on a low income and I will let you know if there are any concession spaces left for this session. 

Reiki Drum Journey

£20.00 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price