Sterling Silver Angel pendant with natural Hematite and Tiger Eye beads on an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain.


This strengthening crystal combination teaches us about dynamic balance. How we can stand firm whilst being flexible enough to yield where needed. How we can maintain a state of fluid balance that flows with life rather than seeking a static state of balance that is easily knocked.


Hematite is a stone of courage, helping us to strive towards our goals even when faced with adversity. Also known for its protective properties, hematite protects us against electromagnetic radiation and negative vibes. Hematite improves vitality so we can enjoy enhanced energy levels. Hematite's high iron content improves our ability to absorb iron and strengthens the blood. Hematite grounds us helping us to feel steady during uncertain times.


Tiger Eye brings the qualities of the sun and the earth into harmonious union. Improving self confidence and self belief, Tiger Eye encourages a positive attitude so we can more readily see the good in any situation. The grounding and protective qualities of Tiger Eye help to strengthen the will, encourage and empower us to strive forward. A favourite to aid study or embarking on new ventures.


I make all of my Jewellery to order and charge the crystals with channelled healing and blessings before wrapping them in tissue paper ready to post. I keep my packaging simple and light to tread gently on the earth. A full description of the properties of the crystals and the angels purpose is included with an A6 greeting card with my angel poem. All of my Jewellery is made using carefully sourced natural gemstones and sterling silver with each piece being charged with channelled healing energies by me, Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.

09 The Angel of Courage, Hematite and Tiger Eye Angel Pendant