Sterling silver angel pendant with natural Red Jasper and Garnet gemstone beads on an 18 inch sterling silver chain. 

The Angel of strength 

It's so easy these days to get so busy with all the doing and achieving that the basics start to crumble. We plough on through the toughest of times, not making space for processing and catching up with ourselves because we must keep going at all costs. Our foundations weaken as we don't make the time to meet our basic needs. We find ourselves eating on the go, fueling with stimulants like caffeine and sugar rather than wholesome nutrition because there is no time. We don't have the time to rest and recuperate which ultimately leads to burn out. When life is turned upside down we are easily shaken but ultimately its just that we just don't have the resources to keep up the pace after neglecting our foundations for so long. 

Red Jasper is a perfect antidote when we are heading for burn out or need more strength to face uncertainty and navigate rocky ground. It is gently grounding and increasing energy levels as it balances the root chakra, our base /foundation. When life is turned upside down we can call upon Red Jasper to help us regain our footing and refocus on meeting our basic needs ready to step forward again with grace and ease from stronger foundations. Red Jasper brings problems to light early, providing insight before they are beyond your control. An ideal worry bead to fidget with, it calms the emotions and soothes anxieties. Red jasper strengthens our boundaries, supporting us during necessary conflict whilst also reminding us to help each other. Teaching us how boundaries can be loving limits rather than fortifications. Jasper encourages determination, bringing the courage to get to grips with problems assertively and honestly. 

Garnet is the very best stone to draw upon when we're burned out or recovering from illness. It offers a boost to energy levels as it brings the root chakra into balance. An ideal crisis crystal, Garnet improves crisis management skills and offers courage and composure in challenging times. Garnet helps us to endure, providing the energy boost we need to carry on regardless. Garnet dispels negativity, worry and panic. It encourages optimism and awakens our zest for life giving us the upliftment needed to strive ahead into our best life. 

I make all of my Jewellery to order and charge the crystals with channelled healing and blessings before wrapping them in tissue paper ready to post. I keep my packaging simple and light to tread gently on the earth. A full description of the properties of the crystals and the angels purpose is included with an A6 greeting card with my angel poem. All of my Jewellery is made using carefully sourced natural gemstones and sterling silver with each piece being charged with channelled healing energies by me, Rachel Peacock, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.

06 The Angel of Strength - Red Jasper and Garnet Angel Pendant