Sunstone ☀️ and Moonstone🌙 are both from the feldspar family and so combine harmoniously.
Sunstone helps to lift our mood and helps us to maintain optimism and hopefulness. It revitalises the body and remotivates us. It dissolves codependency and supports independence.

Moonstone calms and balances the emotions. A powerful healer for the female reproductive cycle and menstrual related dis-ease. It helps us tune into our intuition more clearly and follow our inner knowing. It teaches us of the sacredness of being feminine, the power in yielding and being receptive.

This combination is ideal for anyone struggling with turbulent and sometimes dark emotions. The sunstone will lift their spirits and nurture self acceptance whilst the Moonstone balances emotions and softens any aggressive tenancies.

The perfect yin yang combo 👌🏻☀️🌙

All my jewellery is made using only natural gemstones. The ear wires are solid silver (925 sterling) 

Sunstone and Moonstone Earrings