This necklace has been double threaded with natural silk thread and knotted between each bead. It has a resin screw clasp, ideal for those who can not tolerate even sterling silver on their skin. 

In sacred geometry the cube represents stability and in healing we use it for its grounding effects.

Flourite is known for its capacity to bring structure and practical thinking. A great crystal to work with when planning a new venture. 

Flourite supports mental clarity as does clear quartz making them an ideal combination. 

Other properties of Flourite are, mental enhancement, improved decision making, strengthens bones and teeth, dispels confusion, dishonesty and anxiety about the future. 

Clear quartz amplifies the crystals it is with and enhances ones clarity. It amplifies energy so can improve vitality and energy levels, strengthening the whole aura. Releases blocked emotions and brings calm. 

Flourite cubes with Clear Quartz