These little angels come  from the heart with love 💖

The crystal combinations were divinely guided and developed over time.  The materials are sourced consciously, ensuring they are of a high quality and integrity.  These Angels are made using only natural gemstones and sterling (solid) silver. All the Angels are blessed with channelled healing before they are sent on their way to bless the lives of others. 

Each Angel arrives with a poem and packaged in a natural cotton muslin bag which is in fact a re-usable herbal tea bag. There is enough waste in the world, we don't want to add more with unnecessary packaging. 

1. The Angel of Connection (Rutilated Quartz and Angelite)
2. The Angel of Love (Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite)
3. The Angel of Abundance (Green Aventurine and Citrine)
4. The Angel of Sunshine (Citrine and Sunstone)
5. The Angel of Encouragement (Carnelian and Citrine)
6. The Angel of Stability (Red Jasper and Garnet)
7. The Angel of Vitality (Garnet and Onyx)
8. The Angel of Darkness (Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline)
9. The Angel of Courage (Hematite and Tiger Eye)
10. The Angel of Protection (Tourmalinated Quartz and Labradorite)
11. The Angel of Compassion (Rose Quartz and Amethyst)
12. The Angel of Peace (Howlite and Lepidolite)
13. The Angel of Moontime /moonshine (Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone)
14. The Angel of Clarity (Sodalite and Clear Quartz)

For more information on each of the Angel's qualities please get in touch

Crystal Angel Pendant - Sterling Silver with Natural Gemstones