Amethyst soothes and supports on many levels. A go to crystal for Insomnia, anxiety and balancing the will. Amethyst helps us to reach and maintain a state of inner peace. It offers sanctuary and protection. Amethyst balances highs and lows so we can remain centred and feel less scattered.

Amethyst relieves pain, both physical and emotional by soothing and support the release of tension. Amethyst supports self control and was traditionally worn to prevent over indulgence. It provides some relief from sadness and grief, supporting us in coming to terms with loss. 

Clear Quartz brings clarity and clear vision. It helps us to get clear about what we know, what we want and where we are heading. Clear Quartz amplifies the properties of the crystals it is with and helps us to amplify and manifest our dreams. Clear Quartz improves concentration and because of its own capacity to remember information helps us to do the same. Clear Quartz dispels negativity and brings balance to thoughts and feelings. 

All natural gemstones with Sterling silver clasp & findings.

Amethyst with Clear Quartz